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Gloucester Wheel and Carriage was originally formed 25 years ago when Andy Ball was mainly employed building new horse-drawn carriages and gypsy waggons and manufacturing the wooden wheels for the above. In the intervening years some other skills have been added, mostly, but not all, offshoots from the original wheelwrighting work.

Andy Ball, Proprietor.

[more ...] Waggons
All of the following types of gypsy waggons have been constructed and renovated over the years, ie Reading, Ledge, Bow-top, Open-Lot. The Waggons are constructed from high-standard materials, painted with 6 coats of paint, lined and decorated.

[more ...] Handcarts
Gloucester Wheel and Carriage does a fine range in handcarts for most purposes or they can be custom-built. They are supplied painted and lined. They can be signwritten if required.

[more ...] Wheel-making
Andy Ball is a member of the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights, with 25 years of experience. Wheels for Gypsy waggons, light carts, handcarts, cannons, agricultural vehicles (hay carts etc), have all been made here to customer requirements. They are hand-painted and lined if required.

[more ...] Foundry
As a development from the handcart business we began casting solid aluminium wheel hubs. This has continued over the years into the realms of tool-making and banjo construction. Some iron casting is also done.

[more ...] Etched Glass
Due to requests for obsolete Victorian etched glass in renovation projects Gloucester Wheel and Carriage now provide a glass etching service to supply unobtainable patterns or custom designs.

[more ...] Signwriting
Today's signs are mostly done by computer stencilling. Good old fashioned signwriting with a brush is available here for most requirements.

[more ...] Woodcarving
Another offshoot from the gypsy caravan trade where detailed wood carving is required for porch brackets, crown boards etc. Commissions for most types of woodcarving are undertaken.

For aficionados, this waggon door is more or less an exact copy of a gypsy wagon door by 'Tong' of Bolton with a slight difference if you can spot it.

[more ...] Stringed Instruments
Andy Ball has been making and repairing acoustic guitars and 5 string banjos for 35 years, with fine quality pearl and abalone inlays on some models. Recent banjos have employed a cast aluminium pot with experimentally smaller diameter heads in a never-ending search for the 'lost tone'.

[more ...] Leather Tooling
Mostly leather belts and straps for musical instruments, hand-tooled to your design or theme, supplied stained and polished.

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Etched Glass
String Instruments
Leather Tooling